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Photo Credit: Rachel Greenspan – The NYC Marathon

You might have noticed that Quarterlette had a little update to the home page recently.  Nothing drastic, just a few more spots to showcase incredible stories, events, opportunities and PHOTOS…and we’re excited about it!

We’ll be using this new area of the site to highlight incredible photographs from you guys – our readers.  So send us your photos via social media with #QlettePics and we’ll be selecting a new photo each week to feature on the site, complete with your name attached to it as the official photographer.

Time to be inspired.





Personal Shopper

Staring into your full closet lamenting the fact that you have nothing to wear?  Us too.  Never fear, here’s a list of go-to shopping sites from Elizabeth Veys, one of the most stylish quarterlettes we know, to help fulfill all of your fashion needs.

E’s Latest Finds:

Joe Fresh: Canadian import Joe Fresh has quickly become a reliable source for basics. With incredibly affordable prices (some dresses for $30!), it’s a great place to pick up something new without blowing the budget. For casual weekend wear, this is a great one-stop shop.


ASOS: If you’re looking for anything trendy, you are bound to find more than enough pieces that fit the bill at ASOS. With more styles and colors than you may even have patience to scroll through, the options are limitless. A cocktail dress for an upcoming date? A slouchy tee for weekend brunch downtown? Just make sure to take advantage of the sorting navigation on the left-hand side to help simplify your search!

Send the Trend: Accessories are the easiest way to update your favorite outfits with minimal effort. Enter Send the Trend, which helps you do just this without a significant addition to your credit card. Based on a monthly (free) subscription service, you simply fill out a quick style survey in order to have a collection curated for you. With prices around $29.95, it’s a fun way to treat yourself!


Modcloth: While Modcloth carries a range of products, it was their dress assortment that originally caught my eye. From classic to trendy, there are so many terrific styles to choose from that you could easily get sucked into a shopping black hole and only realize it hours later. Founded by Susan Gregg Koger while she was in college, this is a terrific example of taking your passion and turning it into a thriving business. Modcloth is full of vintage-inspired items from indie designers at affordable prices; what’s not to love?

C Wonder: C Wonder definitely accomplishes its mission of “delivering brightness to every corner of life”. Exploding with pops of color at every turn, this site serves up clothing, accessories and even home décor, all in a bold palette. The product is fun and whimsical and would fall into the category of guilty pleasure if it weren’t so well-priced. If you’re lucky enough to live near a store, definitely go in and check it out in person too!



Specialty Sites

Take a moment and think back to a time before flash sales. Can you remember how different shopping used to be? Needless to say times have certainly changed and there are more websites dedicated to this niche than practically anything else. From flash sales to subscription services, there are even more ways to get your shopping fix daily or monthly!



Unfortunately we’re not all celebrities that can score the latest looks right off the runway. It is sometimes a blast though to pretend you have money to burn and look through some amazing styles, while secretly dreaming of what you would buy if you suddenly won the lottery.


For Work

Trendy and weekend clothes are perhaps more fun to shop for, but let’s face it, most of us need clothes to help us climb the corporate ladder. For the Monday to Friday wardrobe dilemma, make sure to check out the below.


Tried & True

There are always new sites to check out, but sometimes nothing is better than your staple stops.


Cocktail Chatter

Be a know-most-of-it-all:

The Daily Beast: Led by the brain’s of the legendary editor, Tina Brown, The Daily Beast has become a destination for updates on entertainment, politics, general news, innovation and even the little things you didn’t think you’d want to know.  Sign up for their daily Cheat Sheet and each day you’ll be delivered digestible snippets of all the news your boss could possibly bring up at dinner.