Our Services


How can you partner with Quarterlette? Glad you asked!  We’ve worked with a diverse group of clients on a variety of projects, including:


  • Advertising: 300 x 250 banner ad opportunities
  • Sponsored Content:  Completely customized sponsored content opportunities within Quarterlette.com
  • Custom Content Development:  An opportunity to work with the Quarterlette writers to develop custom content that will either live on Quarterlette.com and/or your own website
  • Blogger Network Programs: Leverage the 170+ Quarterlette bloggers for targeted campaigns
  • Events: Work with Quarterlette to partner on customized events
  • Consulting: Advising brands on how to best communicate with and target millennial women; Conducting focus groups; Educating brands and entrepreneurs on how to create and deliver high quality digital content; Digital publishing 101 & blogger launch plan
Contact the team at: info@quarterlette.com